1. A few days late, but here’s my #notw: Turquoise and Caicos by @essiepolish #athomemani #essie #vscocam

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    This is Ben, signing off…

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  6. Emily’s Reading Mission


    First: if you’re here by way of Kiersten of She is Fierce, welcome!  I’m sponsoring her this month and so far it’s been really great.  Welcome, have a look around :)

    As I mentioned in my post about Mindy Kaling’s book, one day I said to myself, “Self: why don’t I read more books?”  So far since I’ve made this life change to read more books like I used to, I’ve read The Cider House Rules, East of…

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  7. "In the name of God, believe him." #tokillamockingbird #atticus #vscocam

  8. Bored on the train. #vscocam #latergram

  9. Review: Adagio’s IngenuiTEA

    I am a tea-totaler.  I love tea.  Coffee and I are not friends, but Tea and I are bffls.  


  10. How to Go to the Beach

    How to Go to the Beach

    I consider myself a professional beach-goer, and I take “beaching” very seriously. So today, in no particular order, I am going to suggest a few things you should consider bringing with you the next time you find yourself at the shore (as well as show you some pretty pictures I took the last time I was at my local beach.

    • An umbrella.  “But Emily, I don’t need an umbrella because I want to get…

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